Custom Services
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We are more than a supplier!

Other foam suppliers are just that, suppliers. We do not want to be thought of as a supplier, but as the House of Foam. Your one stop shopping place for foam. Since the beginning it has always been about the customer and that is why we have always offered Custom Services.

What are Custom Services?

 Custom Services is the area of foam  we specialize in. Not only can we custom cut your foam to any width, height, or shape, but we also take care of additional needs. If you have a specific project that involves foam we can help customize it for you.

House of Foam has the technology to customize any poly foam item you can conceive. A myriad of shapes: cubes, wedges, cylinders, rectangles. If you can think of it, we can create it.

Areas that we can offer our knowledge and experience:

bulletRe-upholster Sofa Cushions
bulletDinning Room Chairs
bulletMattresses (standard & custom)
bulletLuggage/Camera Cases
bulletCustom Sewing - window seats, chair seats, cushions for your sofa,
motor home or boat, and all your other custom sewing needs. House of Foam carries a large selection of fabrics and patterns.

House of Foam understands that every customer is unique. We are happy to help you with any additional needs.