Foam Types
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We offer many types of foam in a variety of formats / shapes   

In sheets we stock foam in various levels of firmness. These are open cell foams made from polyurethane. They are hypoallergenic and very durable. Available in flat or convoluted (also known as egg-crate).  From least firm to most firm, we offer:


bulletPoly  -  Our lowest density foam.  Quickest to take a set.
bullet180   -  Good for most uses
bulletHR    -  (High Resilience) Best wear characteristic.  Available in super soft to extra firm.             

Generally the firmer the foam, the longer its' firmness will last, and the more expensive it is.

We also offer shapes of our Poly and HR foams.

If you need a very comfortable mattress but are allergic to the stuffing in most commercial mattresses, try our foam mattresses. These are available in standard bed sizes or we can provide custom sizing for your boat or R/V.  Our very best mattresses are made of latex foam.  Very, very comfortable.


Foam Type
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Available Formats

Open Cell Polyurethane


Cushions, camping pads, mattress pads, pet beds  Sheets, rounds
 wedges, rolled,   standard & custom bed sizes


Open Cell Polyurethane


Cushions, mattress pads, mattresses


Open Cell Polyurethane

Super Soft to Extra Firm

Open Cell


Equipment cases i.e. camera, computer, gun, telescope Sheets


Medium to
 Extra Firm

Mattresses & pillows

Standard & custom bed sizes
Closed Cell Neoprene   Camping (ground pads), protective wrappings, gaskets Sheets
Close Cell Ethafoam   Packaging, spa covers, athletic mats Sheets &  rolled
Foam Pellets polystyrene


bean bags, pet beds  Bags


bean bags, pet beds